This is "ProMa", or "PROductivity MAnager", the personal project of Isabelle Gould. It is a single page application that allows you to log notes, keep track of chores, and organize your activities. You can register for a free account below, no email address required. You can also preview it using a shared test account by clicking the ProMa Demo button below.

ProMa is run on an ASP.NET, C#, MSSQL through Code-First Linq-to-Entities Migration, Javascript/JQuery stack. The codebase for this site is publically viewable at this public assembla svn repository. Email me at if you want to contact me.


Note: No privacy policy, terms of service, or warranty are offered. This site makes use of cookies. IE9 and below are not supported. ProMa will not work if javascript is disabled.

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